What Is This Blog All About?

me1I’ve been putting off writing this page because if there is one thing I don’t really like doing, that’s talking about myself.

Plus it’s a really hard thing to do. To sit down and try to describe who you are.

So here goes.

I’m Brigid Creasey (Brig).

I grew up in regional Victoria, with my older brother and younger sister. We had a charmed childhood, thanks to our amazing parents who gave us so many wonderful opportunities.

I didn’t appreciate the  multigrain breads, homemade tomato sauce and lack of processed goodies from my school lunch box at the time. However, with a few more years of wisdom under my belt, I can safely say that our parents laid the foundations for the healthy lifestyle that I seek now.

I certainly haven’t always been healthy though.

After graduating from high school in 2002 and after a beer filled hiatus in Dublin, Ireland, I moved to Geelong to study Environmental Engineering.

And drink more beer.

I was over weight and miserable.

A combination of too much alcohol, an abundance of processed/ sugary/ salty/ fatty food, limited sleep and very limited exercise, it’s no surprise that my health took an unfortunate turn.


And this lifestyle continued for another four years.

In 2007, I overhauled my life and haven’t turned back.

I NEVER want to look like that again.

Those years weren’t all doom and gloom though. I did manage to graduate with an honours degree in Engineering and secure a graduate position with the local water corporation.

I also met this handsome man. My husband Carl.


We’ve been happily married for four years.

We are both about to enter our 30’s and pretty excited to see what the future holds.

We still live in Geelong, Victoria with our two adorable girls, Lillian (Lilly/Lil) and Georgia (Georgie).


Since becoming a Mum, I’m particularly passionate about healthy wholesome food. In a growing age of convenience and super sizing, I’m hoping to teach my girls that healthy wholesome food isn’t difficult to prepare or ‘yuck’ in taste.

I’m attempting to cut as much refined sugar and processed food from our diets as possible, without forgoing any guilty pleasures.

To get back to basics and reign in our portion sizes! 

I’ve started this blog mostly as a spot to share amazing healthy recipes. However it also includes running and fitness, travel and some tips to make being a mum just that little bit easier.

All based on my own experience. 

My aim today and for the future is to get the most out of life by eating wholesome healthy food, exercising and doing the things I love.

Thanks for reading.



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